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​Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.
    No time, you have kids, you're too busy, you're tired...I get it. What if I told you that if you took care of yourself more that ALL of that could change? Fitness and healthy habits are essential for us to thrive. I also understand that you may want to make a change and just don't know where to start, or if you could make it work in your life. It is important to customize a plan that fits YOU and your individual are not a cookie cutter so your program shouldn't be either.           
     Investing time in your physical well being will not only make you feel great, but can ultimately lead to success in every area of your life. Learn from my 20 years of experience with my individualized coaching, or attend one of my health and nutrition seminars today. It will be the best step you will take towards the body and health you have always wanted! 
How Can I Help You?​​​


Opening Active Body Nutrition PG has me realizing just how many people need the basics in nutrition, so I am now offering group seminars open to public or private events. You will learn how to eat for fat loss, sports performance, optimal health and wellness!

preparing for nationals 2014...
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