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My other passions...

Professional Visual Artist, Teacher and Entrepreneur


   Since I was a small girl I loved doodling, colouring and painting. The first award i ever recieved was for painting a backdrop for a grade 7 play, and I loved the feeling of watching others enjoy my work. When other kids were doing sports, I was fortunate enough that my parents saved money each month to pay for a private art teacher and to support my artistic abilities.

   Whan I had a family of my own I stopped everything to focus all I had on my 3 kids and our home. After 16 long years of only expressing myself creatively in the kitchen and garden, I realized my fire hadn't died inside me and I picked up a paintbrush again.Over the past 8 years I have become an internationally recognized artist, opened my own private studio and started teaching lessons to others.

   For more on my work feel free to visit my other website Cara Roberts Custom Artistry.WIX to view my private gallery online, and more about my portfolio.

No stranger to weight loss myself...


   I was always thin as a teenager, my parents had owned a gym (North Wave Athletic Club)..I kept fairly active... but as many women know having a baby changed that. My focus became 100% about my first son Tristan, and stopped taking care of myself. I packed on 50lbs with that pregnancy and kept a large chunk of it as I fell into a deep depression. I thought my body was lost and that I now was destined to have the "dumpy mom" physique.

    After having my second child,a daughter Riley (and a 65lb weight gain at the time of her birth), I just kept getting bigger and bigger. I dabbled in the gym and power walking once in a while,but reversed anything I did with poor food choices.It wasn't until I saw a very unflattering picture of myself in a pair of size 14 jeans that it was time to do something about it. It took me 6 months to lose 40 lbs by eating like a rabbit, and doing aerobics/circuit style workouts 6 days a week at the gym. I maintained my newly treasured "skinny" figure right through having my last child Holden, and with a new outlook on myself and my health I managed to get back to my normal size 6 in just under 9 months that time. I even became a fitness leader... teaching some of the classes that I previously participated in for years.

   Once my youngest child was 4, I finally learn about proper nutrition and weight training,and the next year it was finally time to show all of my hard work on the stage. The success I have found in life and  fitness is due laregly to the people in my life, the proper knowlege I now have... and the passion I have found as I continue to pursue a new path with holistic living.

   I'm proud of what I've built and continue to mold with making the right lifestyle changes for ME. 

I honestly have never been happier and have never looked back...except...of course to see how truely far I've come! 

"Life isn't about finding's about CREATING yourself "


My beautiful family...


   I always say that you are only as strong as the people you keep around you, and I have the best support system for achieving success.

   I been blessed with 3 wonderful children (Tristan 26yrs., Riley 24yrs. and Holden 17yrs.) who have encouraged me to do all the things I love, and inspired me to follow all of my dreams. Our bond has gotten me through some crazy challenges, but together we all are learning about ourselves and what we all offer this world as unique individuals.

   One of the main reasons I ever started to develop the confidence to compete and paint was from meeting my biggest fan, best friend and love of my life... Mark. His belief in me, and laid back personality has played a significant roll in my success. Having unconditional support and encouragement to follow my dreams, I now feel like I am on top of the world in my private life, business ventures and onstage.

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